miller diving easy lift harness

EXTRACTION MADE EASY – When using the Miller Easy Lift Harness and Extraction Bridle (sold separately) the diver’s neck and body are supported by the three bridle straps, seat webbing, and helmet net.

Meets all ANSI 359.1 standard requirements
3 Slot Buckle – Third slot prevents webbing from slipping.
Leg Lift D-Rings & Leg Straps – The leg lift support system provides for an easy and comfortable extraction.
Color Coded Webbing – The “Red to head” webbing insures correct connection to the extraction bridle.
Webbing Sleeves – Keeps webbing secure and in place.
Seat Webbing

Extraction Bridle (MI 900-255) Sold Separately – It is recommended that each job site have an extraction bridle on location.

Miller Diving Easy Lift
Part NumberDescription
900-142 Miller Diving Easy Lift Harness, S
900-143 Miller DivingEasy Lift Harness, M
900-144 Miller Diving Easy Lift Harness, L
900-145 Miller Diving Easy Lift Harness, XL