miller diving® legacy

Ben Miller, the man behind the designs of Miller Diving Equipment, a man dedicated to craftsmanship and quality, principles too often lost in today's world of mass production and imitation. Miller, a commercial diver for over 11 years in the offshore oil fields of Louisiana, designed each piece of equipment with the concern and expertise of a seasoned veteran. He personally tested each design in the field as he earned his living as a deep-sea diver, a career he started in Louisiana in 1967.

The 100 series bronze Miller Diving® Helmet was developed in 1969. In 1970 on a diving crew bus, returning from a job in Grand Isle, Miller designed his weight belt buckle with stainless steel torsion spring. In 1971 he designed the first heavy-duty diving harness, constructed with stainless steel rivets and washer plates and all stainless hardware. Backpacks and various models followed in 1973 thus creating a state-of-the-art for the industry. In the following 30 years he upgraded the designs of his helmets and gear, keeping the tradition of durability, safety and easy maintenance. Dive The Legend