The materials used in the Miller Diving® Harness lines are specially selected for their high strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity. All stress points and joints are securely fastened with stainless steel rivets and large washer plates through triple layers of webbing. The D-rings and buckles are made of stainless steel. Over 12,000 various models of the Miller Diving® Harness are in service in the commercial diving industry and the U.S. Navy.
The rugged design and quality construction of Miller Diving® Helmets result in a lifetime of service with minimal maintenance. The Series 400 Helmet provides maximum head protection, excellent mobility, and balance. The helmet moves with a diver's head as easily as a mask. It is secured with an internal adjustable, padded neck strap and fits all head sizes.
The Miller Diving® Weight Belt is made from tough, long lasting materials, which require no maintenance. The black rubber belting has a 2 ply nylon carcass which will not rot or mildew.
Spares kits for Miller Diving® helmets.