miller diving® helmet upgrade

Miller Diving® Helmet Upgrade December 1, 1995.

Subject: Chin strap available as an upgrade for Miller Diving® 200, 300, or 400 series.

Miller Diving® Equipment, Inc. has developed a chin strap to fit any Miller Diving® 200, 300, or 400 series, providing more diver comfort and safety. The chin strap is designed to work together with the primary restraining device, the Miller Diving® Head Harness, along with the Miller Diving® Oral Nasal, and Face seal.

The chin strap is now available as an upgrade to the Miller Diving® Helmet and it is recommended that all Miller Diving® Helmets be upgraded with the new chin strap. The chin strap will be part of original equipment on all new Miller Diving® 400 Helmets sold after December 1, 1995.

The chin strap may be obtained from any Authorized Miller Diving® Dealer.

All diving companies should distribute this notice to diving personal, diving safety officers and operations managers.

For special instructions on installing the chin strap on a Miller Diving® 100 series contact

Miller Diving® Equipment, Inc.